Well then how about we make The weather’s kind of shit right now so maybe taking the yacht out wouldn’t be a good idea hmm anything in particular you want to do?image

Want to go tubing? Like snow tubing. There’s a ski resort thing around here somewhere. Might be a bit cold but it would be a lot of fun, I think.

I mean, since I can’t really ski.


imageWell I could be…I’d like to leave that up to you. 

Well I was going to say yes to either way… I just wanted to know what I should wear to dinner.

That’s kind of important. And rock climbing? Not such a great idea with a girl like me.


Ah yeah, I sort of remember now. I think you mentioned him a few times before.imageSo I haven’t seen you in forever and I’ve missed you a lot so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out sometime. I could get a sitter for both Violet and Lu and we could go out to dinner or something. Actually- fuck dinner, that’s kind of boring, lets go rock climbing or something and then dinner because food is amazing.

Yeah, see? Told you.

Wait, Dan, are you asking me on a date? I— Because that’s what it sounds like…?


Thank’s, that really means a lot, Lin.imageAw well tell him we’re having a Halloween do over then.Lu and Vi can get all dressed up and we can let them stuff their little faces with candy. Matt….? New boyfriend?



Matt is not my boyfriend. I don’t have a boyfriend. Besides, I told you about Matt. He’s my brother’s best friend or used to be. Grew up with him and all that. I— He’s got a girlfriend anyway.


"I figure it’s best not to tell anyone, so if I fuck up I’m not letting anyone down" he gives her a weak smile. "But that’s not important now. I’m back in town and i get to see my two favorite girls everyday again."image

You’re not going to— fuck up, I mean. I’m going to help you, okay? I want to. 


Your favorite little guy is going to be excited to see you as well. He wondered where you went off to too. Especially on Halloween… he was Luke Skywalker. He thought you would like it almost as much as Matt.


I would have messaged you they just didn’t let me talk to anyone outside of the treatment center. I’ve been clean for four and a half months now thought….I’m still not too sure if it was worth going that long without talking to you though.image

Oh my gosh, forget everything I just said. I-I’m so proud of you. I wish you would’ve let me know. I’m so glad… for you! For Vi! I-Wow, that’s so amazing, Dan. 

Congratulations, Dan. Really, I’m so glad you didn’t. 


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Sara Bareilles - Gravity


I would never. I was actually out of town for a while, two months to be exact. I missed youimage

Yeah, I’m sure, that’s why I haven’t even gotten a text? I’m a bit skeptical. But all the same— I’m glad you’re back.

I was beginning to think that you were avoiding me.


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